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Mini Fridges

4L Capacity Mini Fridge 

The Personal Chiller Mini Refrigerator with an integrated handle is the ideal size mini fridge for a small space anywhere in your room, bathroom, vanity area, office, or nursery. Keep a 6-pack of your favorite beverages or snacks in it, or a variety of chill-worthy skincare products. The quiet, vibration-free operation is also energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and 100% freon-free. 

Feature List

  •  Stores personal favorite beverages, snacks organic skincare, all-natural beauty products, serums, vitamins, medications, and more

  • Lightweight portable design with insulated interior 

  • 0.14 Cu. Ft./4L storage capacity to store multiple sizes of jars, bottles, and containers, and up to (6) 12 oz. beverage cans

  •  A removable shelf conforms to your mix of favorite products

  • Thermoelectric Technology provides quiet, vibration-free operation 

  • Eco-Friendly 100% freon-free with low energy consumption 

  • Ideal for your dedicated chill zone in a bedroom, bathroom, vanity area, dorm, office, or nursery

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4L nursery LAV2 2560x1440px.jpg

Perfect size mini fridge!

The Personal Chiller Mini Fridge is a perfect size and fits for any space where you want to have easy access to cool and refreshing snacks, and drinks, store your cosmetics, and any other small item that needs to be kept cool. I love it! My husband even got one for his office. The cool white color ( what I have) will blend in well with any color or decor. This would make the perfect Holiday gift for anyone.

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